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 Meet Our Founders: 
Meet Our Founders

Over-Seer & FOUNDER: Carl R. Bargney Sr. operates in the office of Shaliach (Apostle/Sent) and is both a revelator and charismatic leader serving as the Visionary and Senior Pastor of COYWC and The Le-umas Academy.

Over its 17-year history COYWC has operated under the highest standards of integrity and accountability.  COYWC is a 501(c)3 compliant organization designed to minister to every area of the triune man: Ruach, Nephesh and Basar (Spirit, Soul and Body/Flesh).  

Our Shaliach is known for his invigorating words of wisdom, his passion for purpose, and his compassion for people that are abandoned, abused, deserted, and desolate.  His desire is for the hurting to be healed and for the healed to be made whole; to empower or delegate the Authority of Yshua into the lives of people that are powerless, to become powerful. Whether through the Evangelistic approach of L.I.V.E.: Living In The Vineyard Everyday or through the missionary work of the Sharing-N-Caring Food Pantry, Shaliach ensures that COYWC tends well to the community that Ha Shem has given him to Shephard.

In addition to pulpit ministry, Shaliach is a Motivational Speaker and Life Coach in the public and corporate arena.  He is the CEO of Seeds Of Wisdom Learning Center (S.O.W.) which offers mentoring and supplemental education services to students in area school districts.  Through S.O.W., Shaliach developed C.H.E.S.S.: Changing How Everyone Solves Situations.  C.H.E.S.S. uses the principles of the game of Chess to teach students alternate strategies for resolving difficult situations to produce a better outcome.  

In 2013, HaShem (Title used to refer to God) inspired our Shaliach to establish The Le-umas Aademy which offers a 3-level course of study in Biblical Hebrew and History.  Through the L.A.M.B. Curriculum (Le-umas Academy Mentoring Believers), talmidim (students) are being taught HaShem's Lashon Kodesh (Holy Language).  The course is designed to take students from the aleph-bet (Hebrew ABCs) to deeper lessons revealing the Hebraic origins of Messianic Believers, prayer, meditation and more accurate comprehension of The Scripture.

Shaliach Carl is the Dad of 3 children and his wife Tuanja serves as Associate Pastor at COYWC.  He gives special thanks to his mom, who after losing her husband (his dad) taught Carl the values of life, how to have faith in HaShem and how to be accountable and responsible in all things.  He would also like to give credit and thanks to the Pastors who taught him about Salvation and Theology, Bishop James A. Whittier, Sr. and Dr. Ronnie Whittier.

With over 25 years of marriage & service in ministry (17 at COYWC), Shaliach Carl and Elder Tuanja are esteemed leaders striving for continual excellence and moral soundness.  Elder Tuanja diligently serves alongside her husband at Cathedral Of Yshua Worship Center, Sharing-n-Caring Food Pantry, L.I.V.E., Seeds Of Wisdom Learning Center, Le-umas Academy, community service initiatives and conferences as well.


Elder Tuanja Bargney, a powerful woman of Elohim, flows in the anointing of Associate Pastor, Psalmist, Choir Director and Musician, Vocal Coach, Mentor and Administrator.

Elder Tuanja served faithfully for 28 years at Emmanuel Temple Church of G-d (MO) as Evangelist and Choir President. She served 24 years under her dad, Bishop James A. Whittier & 4 years under the tutelage of her brother, Bishop Ronnie Whittier.

Elder Tuanja transitioned with her husband Shaliach Carl (then, Elder Carl Bargney) to pursue the vision The Father gave him for the ministry of Saving Souls. She immediately grasped the vision and helped Shaliach Carl journey to the place where HaShem could release HIS Miraculous Power and reveal HIS Glory over Cathedral of Yshua Worship Center.

In addition to years of hands-on ministry experience, Elder Tuanja is a Certified Christian Counselor with a Focus on Healing & Growth & Biblical Psychology in Christian Ministries.  She also holds a degree in Arts and Social Science as well as being a Certified Master Life Coach for Businesses and a Certified Personal Life Coach

Elder Tuanja is the Project Director for Seeds of Wisdom Learning Center (S.O.W) providing Mentoring and Tutoring services in schools throughout the Metropolitan St. Louis area and at our S.O.W. facility.  She is an Academic Tutor & Mentor for Women & Girls with a special anointing for assisting abuse victims.  Elder Tuanja also serves as a Hebrew instructor in the Le-umas Academy.  

Experience Healing, Deliverance & Destiny

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